Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shots Of Our Most Recent Arrivals @ Footage Brea - 2-19-14

Available in-store, on our new website, and in our eBay store  photo IMG_9331_zps8f7cd09e.jpg  photo IMG_9330_zps2ebc01bc.jpg  photo IMG_9329_zps247abadf.jpg  photo IMG_9334_zps01c9d214.jpg  photo IMG_9332_zpsa9ff2c9b.jpg  photo IMG_9333_zps79bad9b3.jpg  photo IMG_9339_zps434f2765.jpg  photo IMG_9340_zpse6e53c7b.jpg  photo IMG_9338_zps4cbfb0bd.jpg  photo IMG_9337_zps58ac502f.jpg  photo IMG_9335_zpsfa3c9da0.jpg  photo IMG_9343_zps58b1c670.jpg  photo IMG_9342_zpsc3dffe50.jpg  photo IMG_9341_zpsabdb0346.jpg