Friday, May 23, 2014

Shots Of Our Most Recent Arrivals @ Footage Brea - 5-23-14

Available in-store, on our new website, and in our eBay store  photo IMG_9774_zpsa406efc1.jpg  photo IMG_9768_zps280c9ec1.jpg  photo IMG_9774_zpsa406efc1.jpg  photo IMG_9773_zpse1a893bc.jpg  photo IMG_9772_zpsabc40768.jpg  photo IMG_9778_zps516b5faf.jpg  photo IMG_9777_zps9989b534.jpg  photo IMG_9776_zps278490b9.jpg  photo IMG_9775_zps7fc81203.jpg  photo IMG_9780_zps45823386.jpg  photo IMG_9779_zps4c8f030d.jpg  photo IMG_9782_zps3a03621c.jpg  photo IMG_9781_zps35d2332d.jpg